Diamondback Fitness 910Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike

Diamondback Fitness 910Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Overview

At first glance, the Diamondback Fitness 910Sr looks as if it has just been taken from a Cadillac… It’s that nice. Then you realize that it’s actually an exercise bike – A state of the art fitness machine that utilizes pioneering technology to bring you the finest workout available. No more jarring impact on your joints; back pressure is lessened and it’s so safe that it can even be used during pregnancy. Cardio workouts on the 910Sr are a snap. All you have to do is decide which one you want. Whether you’re looking for a strenuous, sweat-breaking work out or rehabbing from an injury, or just new to the game; this Diamondback Fitness Bike is perfect for athletes of all shapes, sizes, needs and abilities.

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Features of Diamondback Fitness 910Sr

  • Personal, adjustable cooling fan
  • Holds mp3 devices and has an Apple docking station
  • Magazine rack
  • On board speaker system with headsets
  • Easy to read, tilt, console
  • Cushioned, adjustable arm rests
  • Water bottle holder complete with bottle
  • Quiet, smooth braking system
  • Adjustable seat back and handlebars
  • Scrolling message center
  • Easy access keypad
  • Wireless receiver for heart rate info
  • More than 30 resistance levels and workout programs
  • 64 inches long, 23 inches wide, 50 inches high
  • One touch, quick set resistance keys and program keys


This product received a 4½ star rating out of 5 stars on Amazon. Reviewers said that the Diamondback Fitness 910Sr is the exception to the rule when it comes to home workout equipment. Most were expecting something big, heavy and bulky that looked like it belonged in a gym. They were also expecting it to be priced far beyond the affordable range of a family. As expected, because this machine was designed by a manufacturer of bicycles, it is exactly what is needed in a home exercise machine. It is therefore priced appropriately.

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It’s already partially assembled when you get it, which cuts your assembly time considerably; this is good because assembly can take a couple of hours. The stable frame makes the 910Sr exceedingly stable and eliminates flex and wobble. Each rider can adjust the seat, in increments, to their own comfort level. The ride is smooth and quiet. Snug but comfortable foot position can be maintained thanks to the pedal’s toe straps. And the fact that you can listen to your own music whilst getting a fantastic workout is the icing on the cake.


The Diamondback has motivation, value and comfort built right in. It virtually does anything and everything you could hope for. As you sit back in the ridiculously comfortable seat the LCD display, with its pleasing blue color, is subtle enough not to give you a headache but bright enough that the contrast allows it to be easily read. Your iPod, iPad or iPhone is not only held in place by the media center but is also charged during your workout. The headphone jack allows you to listen to your favorite music without disturbing others around you. And everything adjusts… Everything.